supporting queer* migrants & refugees* through education AND employment

Supporting queer migrants, asylum seekers and refugees

Queer for Queer is a UK registered charity with international reach through online programmes and activities. We support one of the most marginalised groups in the world - queer migrants, asylum seekers & refugees by:

providing business creation courses;

delivering skill-enhancing masterclasses; and

offering employment advice and opportunities.

Our impact

Once these individuals create their own income flows (either through their own businesses or work for other organisations), they are empowered to change their social positions, improve safety levels and be less dependent on outside support.
Our work is dedicated to significantly improving the livelihoods and life quality of queer migrants, asylum seekers and refugees regardless of whether they are still in their home countries, transit locations or destination countries.

All are welcome**

Our services are also available to all other migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, all queers and all other individuals (queer or not) who find themselves economically and/or socially disadvantaged or facing other barriers to finding employment.

All our activities take place in a safe, fully inclusive online environment where you can show up as you are and engage as much or as little as you would like.

** All are welcome - but hate, discrimination and phobias are not.

About us

Queer for Queer was founded and is fully led by people with lived experiences (queers and/or migrants/asylum seekers/refugees). We are using those experiences to create a new circle of queer care by bringing successful professionals and queer (and ally) organisations to provide education, skill improvement and employment for queers in disadvantaged positions.